Happy Anniversary to us !

No traditional blog post today as we’re celebrating our anniversary.

The previous blog post was the 200th consecutive blog post out of 234, since March 2022, on this journey through the photographic life of Stockton photographer Joel Pahl Dardis (1921-2021).

My lyric soprano spouse Morgan, the granddaughter of renowned photographers Wynn and Edna Bullock, is extremely supportive of this tempo of publishing.

Today however, the cats and us are taking a break !

Since this blog is mostly about photography, below is a plug to see the photographic work of Morgan’s grandfather Wynn Bullock.


And the next link points to the biography of Morgan’s grandmother Edna Bullock,who started a prolific photographic career at age 61, after her husband Wynn passed away in 1975.


Cheers !

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