Month: August 2022

  • Selfies, Box 93, April 1949

    Selfies, Box 93, April 1949

    I don’t believe Joel would have these self-portraits “selfies”, but I’m sure he would have adopted with the time. The date is April 9, 1949. Next are the left overs in box 93, two portraits of his mother to set-up the lighting, and then there are a good amount of self-portraits. Not sure what’s going […]

  • Architecture, Box 93, April 1949

    Architecture, Box 93, April 1949

    As usual, few subjects crammed in this box. Today we’ll only look at the images related to architectural lines. The date on the box is April 1949. First we have two images of Segarini’s nearing construction finish. Joel photographed two angles of the building. In the second image one can see the Stockton Adult School […]

  • Dance, Box 92, 1949

    Dance, Box 92, 1949

    Box 92 is another box that bears the “Class Assignment 1949” inscription. Looking at the negatives, we find one subject, few members of the College of Pacific “Orchesis”, the modern dancing group. I had wondered already why Joel never photographed any of their performances or rehearsals. Joel may not be photographing “Dance” in the strictest […]

  • Class Assignment, Box 91, 1949

    Class Assignment, Box 91, 1949

    The box with negatives of Nancy Reynolds came with few more subjects. It’s pretty much the norm since Joel has been shuffling negatives around over the years. The rest of the subjects seem to be sort of class assignments for a photography course Joel is still signed up for. First group are a number of […]

  • Nancy Reynolds, Box 91, 1949

    Nancy Reynolds, Box 91, 1949

    “Nancy Reynolds, June 1, 1949” is written on the side of the box. Checking the Naranjado 1949 College of Pacific, we find reference to Nancy Reynolds being the Alpha Theta Tau’s Spring Belle for 1949. The 12 images below are an exercise in mostly seated portraits. It’s quite a nice series. Joel keeps on average […]

  • COP Basketball, Box 90, 1949

    COP Basketball, Box 90, 1949

    As mentioned in my previous blog post, the remainder of the images in box 90 are all College of Pacific basketball game related. Showing all images without commentary for history and genealogy sake, in case someone is related to the players or spectators. In few matches the opposing teams are recognizable, in others, there’s nothing […]

  • Gratitude Train, Box 90, 1949

    Gratitude Train, Box 90, 1949

    When we discussed the “Friendship Train” images from 1947, we briefly mentioned the French “Merci Train” response. In Box 90, I found a few negatives of the Merci or Gratitude Train visiting Stockton in 1949. The 49 boxcars, one for each state arrived in Virginia on Feb 3, 1949, and left for the ride to […]

  • Class Portraits, Box 89, 1949

    Class Portraits, Box 89, 1949

    The “Class Portraits” writing was on the edge of the box, and there are indeed a few portraits of a student doing lab work in the rest of the negatives of box 89. There’s no information noted on the young woman. Next are some images of Queens in the 1949 Mardi Gras parade. Reba Watterson, […]

  • Enid Arata, Box 89, Jan 1949

    Enid Arata, Box 89, Jan 1949

    This box prominently states “Class Assignment” with a January 10, 1949 date. In light of Joel’s 1948 graduation, this is a bit of a conundrum as it implies he’s still a student. It is hard to tell what the class assignment could be. Opening the negative box, we find a slip of paper that readsl; […]

  • Rossi House, Box 88, March 1949

    Rossi House, Box 88, March 1949

    I don’t know where the Rossi House was located, it may no longer be there. What is clear though, it was large and was well appointed in an older style than 1949. How can we be sure the date of March 28, 1949 is correct ? There’s an image with a calendar on the March […]