The rest of Box 45, 1948

There are 9 negatives left in box 45. The majority is photographed at College of the Pacific, sometime during Spring 1948.

The first negatives I came across are playing in an elementary school, we can’t be sure what the occasion is, possibly a show-and-tell. The teacher might be a friend of Joel, or Joel misplaced another photoshoot negatives in this box.

In both images, the same girl is on a chair.

Elementary school, unidentified event, 1948
Elementary school, unidentified event, 1948

From elementary school we jump to a class at the College of Pacific. Looks tasty.

Tasty desserts, COP, 1948
Tasty desserts, COP, 1948

We’re switching to the physics lab, we’ve seen a similar take few blog posts back, so yet another misplaced negative.

Vacuum pump system, COP, 1948 (Printed)

This was followed by two natural light portraits of most likely a COP/SJC student.

Unidentified student, COP, 1948 (Printed)
Unidentified student, COP, 1948 (Printed)

The last images were printed and both appeared in Naranjado 1948, Joel has many images in this edition, but he didn’t receive any credit.

Archania, COP, 1948 (Printed)

Alpha Theta Tau – Road to Pacific, COP, 1948 (Printed)

That’s it for today. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find more image leading to above subjects in later boxes. Things got mixed up over 75 years !

Cheers !

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