Jack Pahl, Box 24, 1947

Few different subjects in this box where the majority is photographed on Agfa Super Plenachrome Press stock.

The pencil marks read “Jack Pahl Family, Dec 25, 1947” and below that “Torlan, Dec 26, 1947” (Note: Torlan could also be Toulau, Toilan … Joel’s spelling is often erratic.)

We do find multiple subjects in this box of 26 negatives. Let’s start with the most recognizable one. Jack Pahl’s family on Dec 25, 1947.

First of all, it’s not clear exactly where these images were shot. Jack and Beverly lived at 1488 Trestle Glen Road at some point after 1935 and early 1940’s but the 1950 census places them in Contra Costa County and they lived in Martinez according to the 1935 Census (Jack, actually John George at birth, and Beverley married in 1934 in Sacramento, CA)

Penelope Pahl and her Puppet Theater, Christmas 1947
From left to right, John Pahl, Jack Pahl and RIchard Pahl, Christmas 1947
The family, Jack and Beverly Pahl with children RIchard, Penelope and John, Christmas 1947
Penelope and Richard on grandfather’s lap, Jack and John standing, Christmas 1947
Everyone is paying attention to the second photographer in the room, Christmas 1947
Same crowd, different arrangement, Christmas 1947

The next image shows Laura Smith, second spouse of August Julius Pahl. AJ Pahl looks like he just ran out of the office for tea.

The hand at right is most likely Clara M. Pahl. The art on the wall could very well be Amy Pahl’s work.

Beverly Pahl-Brooks and August Julius Pahl during tea time.

Two negatives left to look at, these are not family related but are COP. Possibly photographed in 1947 but could also be early 1948 as I found the next negative published in Naranjado 1948.

The Aquatic Team, COP, published in Naranjado 1948
The Aquatic Team of College of the Pacific, 1948

The black tape markings indicate that these Kodak Eastman Film negatives were either printed or duplicated for publication.

Next blog post we’ll take a look at the other subjects found in this box, unrelated to Pahl or COP family.

Cheers !

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