More etc., box 16, 1946

Second significant subject in box 16 was more track and field. A different day than the pole vaults we covered few blog posts past, witness the clouds in the sky.

And then there are few more portrait shots from the swimming pool area and we’ll keep the outlier for last.

The pole vault and the high jump are good disciplines for Joel to practice his shutter click timing.

Pole Vault, COP, 1946

Pole Vault, COP, 1946
High Jump, COP, 1946
High Jump, COP, 1946
Long Jump or Triple Jump, COP, 1946

The shirt in above image reads either “Modesto” or “Podesto”

Long Jump or Triple Jump, COP, 1946
Sunbathing, COP, 1946
Going for a swim, COP, 1946

The long shadows in the above portrait images around the pool, tell us that it is late in the afternoon.

The outlier today has nothing to do with sports.

Steam Locomotive, somewhere around Stockton, maybe 1946

It’s a negative of a steam locomotive freight train. Identifying marks in this image could be the sign in the foreground at right in the wood debris pile.

The sign is no longer complete, but the remaining visible characters read LACT and the last character could be an O.

The white sign at the telephone pole at the tract, left, reads B1129 while the sign just left of the locomotive , where the bridge starts, reads A123. This is possibly sufficient information for someone with access to historic train and train track records to find out the location of this shot.

Three more press negative boxes for 1946. It’s more than clear that Joel photographed with a vengeance to make up for all the time spent serving his country in WWII.

Cheers !


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