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  • Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 8, 1942

    This box has 22 negatives in it and the label says “Ortho-X” as film material. Joel is experimenting again or this was all he could get in the store. There are also two pencil writings on the box. Top says “Scott”, below it reads “Foley Kids” Let’s take a look at the mix of subjects…

  • Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 4, 1942

    Looking at the last box of press format negatives in the box labeled ART, Jan-June 1942

  • SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 2

    SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 2

    Today we continue with the second box of negatives in this 1941 SJC art project. Quite a few pieces from Geo. Akimoto and some beautiful 3d work.