SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 2

Continuing the scanning and digging through negatives with art projects in progress at Stockton Junior College in 1941.

This Eastman Film box contained 14 negatives, all represented below in no particular order. Quite a few are from Geo. Akimoto, an artist we’ve seen two pieces from in yesterday’s blog post also.

Vagabond Lady, Geo. Akimoto, 1941 at Stockton Junior College
G. Akimoto, not titled but clearly on SJC/UOP Campus, 1941
Geo. Akimoto, somewhere on campus, SJC, 1941
Farm, Geo. Akimoto, 1941.
House, Geo. Akimoto, SJC, 1941
No Admittance, US Naval Works, Unidentified Artist, SJC, 1941
Unidentified Mosaic Artist, SJC, 1941

Upon inspection, this is the work-in-progress mosaic that is featured with two negatives in the previous blog post. Artist is currently still unidentified.

Dick Reynolds, 1941

The College Agenda can be seen at right, War is at centerstage of the news …

We’re closing the flat art series of today with another image of G. Akimoto, and it shows off his breath as an artist.

Curtiss-Wright Corporations, G Akimoto, 1941 @ SJC

The rest of the images are all 3D artworks, and they are all intriguing ! Artists are currently unknown.

3D Artwork, Geometric Shape, Paper Machè on metal wire, SJC, 1941
3D Artwork, Geometric Shapes, SJC, 1941
3D Artwork, Geometric Shapes, SJC, 1941
Different View of previous 3D Artwork, Artist unidentified, SJC, 1941

Due to the nature of the 3D Geometric Shapes and Planes, I have the feeling that these could very well be the work of the same artist.

Two more of these project boxes to go through.

Cheers !

2 responses to “SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 2”

    • Thanks you for this link as it supports he picture I have from him in a Japanese internment camp. This particular project will sprout side projects discussing the people in Joel’s hemisphere where possible.


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