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  • Kodachrome, March 28, 1944

    Kodachrome, March 28, 1944

    On March 28, 1944, the Red Army captured Nikolaev, the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. Same day the British MP’s voted to give women teachers the same pay as men. When I found a Kodachrome box with a March 28, 1944 date, my hopes were high there would be slides […]

  • Press Negatives, Box 2, 1942

    Press Negatives, Box 2, 1942

    Continuation of ART 1942 press size negative exploration. More Morris Chapel windows.

  • SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 4

    SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 4

    Checking out the negatives in the last box of 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ sheet film marked “ART” and finding a few surprises.

  • SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 3

    SJC, Art Project, 1941, Box 3

    Third box has following written on it; DARDIS, ART, UOP, Streetcar. The expiration date of this film was set at Sept 1941, so I’m pretty sure all these negatives were shot early 1941. Some signatures of the artist equally have ’41 or 1941 attached. Although only designed for 12 negatives, Joel stashed 21 negatives in […]

  • SJC Art Project, 1941, Box 1

    SJC Art Project, 1941, Box 1

    The second box of 2 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ negatives has ART written on the top. Seems Joel got himself a project photographing artwork at SJC (Stockton Junior College) in 1941. Some artwork is dated “41”, so it’s safe to say that the expiration date on the box, is also the year these images were […]

  • Joel Pahl Dardis

    Joel Pahl Dardis

    I only learned about Joel Pahl Dardis by attending his estate sale on March 12, 2022, after being alerted to it that day by my friend Jessica Fong, Director of the Stockton Art League Goodwin Gallery on Miracle Mile. One look at the photography item tables, and it became immediately clear that this was a […]