Kodachrome, March 28, 1944

On March 28, 1944, the Red Army captured Nikolaev, the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea in southern Ukraine.

Same day the British MP’s voted to give women teachers the same pay as men.

When I found a Kodachrome box with a March 28, 1944 date, my hopes were high there would be slides in it documenting Joel’s military service abroad in the UK.

But then, the address on the box was Reimans Camera Shop, and they had a physical address on 523 N California Street in Stockton. (Reimans Photo Finishing, Valley Photo Service and Hy-Klass Photo Services could all be found at the same address at different points in time.)

Other than boxes in 1941, I had not seen one of these addresses in more recent discoveries, as Joel took it upon himself to mail Kodachrome film to the Los Angeles Kodak processing center. When Joel is in Florida during training for service, he sent his Kodachrome film to the Rochester Kodak processing center.

After scanning the slides, I could not locate a single one where I could recognize a 1944 United Kingdom event.

So, let’s look at them anyhow, maybe later discoveries will shed some light where these really belong. (But where are the March 28, 1944 slides … ?)

California Street Cable Car, San Francisco, unknown date.

The above slide is the only one that is clearly San Francisco. The rest all play in mostly likely Stockton, CA.

Rush(k)inn, unknown location, unknown date
Weber 49, Young Ladies Institute with marching band, unknown date

Although the marching band is wearing a military style uniform, we can’t be sure this is an actually military band. The insignia on the ladies right arm and the cross-on-laurel tells us a bit more.

The Weber 49 – Young Ladies Institute was a sister organization of the San Francisco #1 Young Ladies Institute, founded May 5, 1887. There was an equivalent YMI (Young Men Institute)

More Weber 49 – Young Ladies Institute, unknown date.

The next slide features the same group, but is not a Kodachrome slide but an Ansco Color Film slide. This was a different development chemistry and as one can tell, the colors faded quite a bit over time. Still, there’s unity in subject, so Joel ran out of Kodachrome film and switched to Ansco.

More Weber 49 – Young Ladies Institute, Stockton, unknown date.
Stockton Fire Department, Stockton, unknown date.

The last slide in this box is equally an Ansco Color Film 35mm slide with a decent amount of fading. The Stockton Fire Department places this squarely in Stockton, on quite possibly a 4th of July parade.

The location where Joel took these images from is at the corner of N. San Joaquin street with E. Miner Avenue.

EDIT: in the Ansco Color Slide boxes of 1947-1948, Joel is photographing the same or a different parade from the same location. I’m inclined to assume it is the same location.

In the end, we can’t connect the March 28, 1944 date pencilled in the lid of the box, to any of the subject matter.

Two more Kodachrome boxes in this series.

Cheers !


2 responses to “Kodachrome, March 28, 1944”

  1. Wow- these are so interesting, and some fantastic lighting and subjects. It’s so cool you’re doing this. I hope more people look. The old fire trucks and the boats and cable car. What an era.



    • Thanks Deb, yeah, it has been quite a journey so far. I’ve always loved “vintage” inspired photography and now I’m looking at the actual negatives.


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