Post Office, Box 54, 1947

The second pencil mark on box 54, in Joel’s handscribble, says “Post Office”.

More negatives of a construction site, and we are able to discern some of the details.

Eight negatives in total, one is a dud duplicate, so we’ll look at seven.

The Construction site, Pacific Avenue and W Alder , Stockton, 1947

The sign on the fence says “Nomellini Company, General Contractor”.

The homes at the left side of the image, the north side of the cross street, are still there. The white painted house at center right of the image is no longer there, replaced with a parking lot.

Starting to dig a basement, Pacific Avenue, Stockton, 1947 (Printed)

Yes, there are 3 kids in the picture at left, clearly different norms when it comes to site safety in these days.

Digging a basement, Pacific Avenue, Stockton, 1947 (Printed)
Digging a basement, Pacific Avenue, Stockton, 1947 (Printed)

All the heavy equipment is marked R.E.Mc.CARTY, Stockton.

Digging a basement, Pacific Avenue, Stockton, 1947
Digging a basement, Pacific Avenue, Stockton, 1947 (Printed)

The business across the street is a gas service station, no longer there, would be replaced by “The Promenade Building” in the 1950’s. “The Stockton” theater’s neon sign just peaks out between the branches over the roof line at the right side of the image.

Building in progress, Pacific Avenue, 1947 (Printed)

The street signs are unfortunately very hard to read. WIth some effort one can of course make out Pacific, with some more effort, one can construct W Alder for the cross street.

This would make the “Gift” store next door, the H.G. Gump gift store at 1720 in the 1949 Stockton City directory and the post office building was then at 1732 according to the same directory.

This corner of Alder and Pacific had gone through more changes after initial construction, and is hardly recognizable any longer from the above images 75 years later.

Cheers !

2 responses to “Post Office, Box 54, 1947”

    • There is one further North, but that one came much later, as far as I know for the moment, somewhere mid-seventies and that one is still there and active.


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