Babies, Box 50, 1948

As a photographer, you get to shoot a lot of babies as soon as you’re past mid twenties. Your cousin’s babies, your friend’s babies and your neighbour’s babies.

No different for Joel. We’ve seen already a few family baby shots in previous blog posts, today’s series fit the mold.

There are no names on the box, just 1948. I believe a few of the kids are Pahl kids, but I can’t be absolutely sure at this point in time. Neither can we be sure about the dates. This is 1947-1949 territory.

This is not comfortable ! 1948
This is scary ! 1948
I’m trying hard ! 1948
Much better ! 148
I’m smiling ! 1948
I’m cute as a button ! 1948
Me and my cousin ! 1948

There were a few Pahl babies born in 1947, but at this point, without an image with their mothers, not sure who is who.

Photographing babies remains difficult. They just don’t sit still, don’t follow directions and have a mind of their own. But they are cute, not matter what !

I’m cute too ! 1948

Next baby images are at the beach.

Mother and child, 1948, Santa Cruz ? (Printed)
Exploring ! 1948, Santa Cruz ? (Printed)
Yup, eating sand ! 1948, Santa Cruz ?
Eating more sand, 1948, Santa Cruz ?
It’s no longer funny ! 1948, Santa Cruz ?

The above series tells a story, Joel captures enough images for a nice sequence.

The last image is another beach image, but we can’t be sure this was taken on the same day. The notches of the negative tell us a different story, this is a different Ansco film stock, most likely coming from a different negative box.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if this image belongs to one of the previous Santa Cruz beach shoots.

Candid, 1947-1948, Santa Cruz Beach ? (Printed)

That were 14 negatives for the day.

Cheers !

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