The rest of Box 44, April 1948

There were 8 more negatives in box 44 we didn’t check out in previous blog post.

These represent a variety of subjects with little background available.

First two images are from a family event with siblings Harry, Clara, Amy Pahl and Edra Portsmouth, Harry’s spouse, from left to right below.

I found out recently, through travel visa and passport information, the couple made a trip to Brazil in late 1947. That must have been an exciting event with lots to talk about.

Amy Pahl cutting cake, April 1948 (Printed)
The obligate family shot, April 1948 (Printed)

It’s easy to tell were Joel sits, there’s pen and paper and a photograph of a couple. (Top image.)

Next image is kind of cute and interesting. A photographer working children photography on what seems to be a fair. The camera even has a birdy on top and wings to give the children a proper focus point to look at. The adjustable horse is a nice touch.

Themed children photography, 1948, somewhere in Stockton or San Joaquin County.

The camera appears to be a simple box camera with fixed focus. It’s not possible to tell exactly what the format is, 4 x 5 inch would be my guess.

The next three images are from dogs doing tricks. Joel does nails few shots were both dogs are suspended in mid air. All those shots were duplicated and/or printed.

Dog Tricks, 1948, somewhere in Stockton or San Joaquin County.
Dog Tricks, 1948, somewhere in Stockton or San Joaquin County.
Dog Tricks, 1948, somewhere in Stockton or San Joaquin County.

In line with my policy to show the good, bad and even the ugly, the remaining two images seem to be a lighting experiment gone not-so-perfect. This is how you find out. Top of the image in both cases is underexposed.

Bed side portrait of Clara Pahl, reading “Red Plush”, 1948, Stockton
Unidentified house guest or family member, 1948, Stockton

I’ve been looking at the next boxes to scan, and there’s still a lot of COP activity involved. Joel was very busy in 1948, his graduation year at COP.

It’s clear that this was his bubble. Thanks to Joel’s images, we have an alternate view of what was going on behind the scenes, outside of Pacific Review, Pacific Weekly (no issues in the Holt-Atherton digital library for 1948) and the Naranjado yearbooks.

Cheers !

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