More Fire, Box 22, July 1947

About 10 images from this box were discussed already in the Poultry Fire blog post. To my surprise, there were more images of another fire I can’t place. It’s a lot smaller, near Pacific Union Railroad and it looks like it may have been a small industrial installation or so.

Unidentified Fire, Stockton, 1947

Joel is still some distance away when he took this shot. He’ll get closer and try to tell the story with multiple angles.

Unidentified Fire, Stockton, 1947

The above image was printed, see the black tape mark that held the negative down.

Unidentified Fire, Stockton, 1947
Unidentified Fire, Stockton, 1947

The above image is a lucky catch. The Union Pacific freight train is steaming by the fire incident. This image was also printed or submitted to a newspaper at some point in time.

Next two images are from a Woodbridge Winery under construction. The box has a pencil line stating “Winery 1946”.

Woodbridge Winery, 1946
Woodbridge Winery, Alternate View, 1946

And although we associate oak barrels with wine, I don’t believe the next two images have anything to do with the Woodbridge Winery Site. I’m not even sure that these barrels hold wine.

Barrels, Stockton, 1946-1947
More barrels, Stockton, 1946-1947

Next three images are unrelated to any subject I’ve seen so far. Yes, these are in a 1947 box but it is far from sure that this time frame holds up. There is no written reference, I can only hope more subject images pop up in future boxes with more provenance history.

Gas/Fuel reservoirs ?
Box Car City, Terminous,Tract1946-1947.

The image above was also printed as a toned transparency in this box. This negative was misplaced (I found the original box few days later.) Joel did a photoshoot in Box Car City (Terminous Tract), more images about this shoot in the future.

Carnival/Circus, Undisclosed location, 1940’s.

Although Joel has made many 35mm Kodachromes on the Carnival/Circus subject, this is the first and only image so far we have in Press format. There may be more to come in the future when we peruse other negative boxes.

We’re slowly getting fully in 1947 negatives. Plenty of press negative boxes with 1947 expiration date to go through.

Cheers !

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