Various, Box 21, 1947

I found a few unexpected slides in box 21, the box with the first set of 6 Poultry Fire negatives. I assume till further discovery that these slides are equally from 1947.

Harry L Pahl, Plumbing and Heating Contractor and Supplies, Stockton, 1946

Harry Lawrence Pahl is Joel’s uncle from his mother’s side and his “Pahl Harry & Co” business is located before 1952 at 427 East Channel Street. This is the same block as the Medico Dental Building. In the 1950 Sanborn map, this building was still earmarked as a plumbing and tin business.

From 1952 or so we can find the business at 1702 West Oak Street in Stockton. Harry is the father of Warne Pahl, Joel’s cousin. Warne would later become vested in the business based on Stockton City Directories. Both locations were demolished.

The image below gives us an idea of the fashionable bathroom fixtures of the day. This is late 40’s and time correct.

Bathroom fixtures, 1947, Harry Pahl & Co.

The next images are from and around Calaveras Reservoir. Mostly situated in Santa Clara County but a small portion is in Alameda county.

Calaveras Reservoir, Santa Clara County and Alameda County, 1947

Next three slides fit the Calaveras Reservoir trip theme, these were found in box 22 and included in this blogpost.

Painter at work at Calaveras Reservoir, 1947

One cannot escape the notion there’s a handbag on the folding chair. Was this Amy Pahl’s painting set-up ? Pure speculation but not that far fetched as Joel had a great relationship with his artist aunt Amy Pahl.

Next negatives show structures most likely along Calaveras Road. This is the road where the first image is taken from.

Undisclosed location, Alameda County, California, 1947
Undisclosed location, Alameda County, 1947

More negatives from Box 22 next time.

Cheers !

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