June 6, 1948, Box 14

Jumping ahead a few years, and breaking the chronology, this box is part of the expired negatives that Joel used up prior to buying new stock after his return from WWII service.

June 6, 1948 is Joel’s 27th birthday and it appears that quite a few of the people present on June 6, 1943, are also present for this occasion. As you may remember, that day was the day before Joel would be shipped off to training in Florida.

To complicate matters, there were three press negatives from the 1943 day included in this batch. I had no idea they were there and it fooled me for a minute.

Everyone aged, including Butch, the dog.

Joel Pahl Dardis, 27th birthday, June 6, 1948, Stockton
Joel’s Aunt Amy Pahl, art teacher, 1948, Stockton
Joel, his mother Clara and Butch at their feet, 1948, Stockton
Joel, happy to be back, June 6, 1948, Stockton
August Julius Pahl and friend on Joel’s 27th birthday, 1948
August Julius Pahl and friend on Joel’s 27th birthday, 1948

The images below are actually from the June 6, 1943 birthday, Joel’s 22nd. These were probably originally in the box and the 1948 images were slipped in. We’ve seen the 1943 Kodachrome from the same day. Same spot, same people, just in color and a more somber mood, or an unguarded moment.

Joel’s family, B&W taken on his 22nd birthday, June 6, 1943

The above image has few people we now recognize after writing this blogpost, so what follows is an addition. (May 20, 2022)

Harry Lawrence Pahl is last row left, the lady next to him is most likely his second wife, Edra Portsmouth. The man in the middle is still unidentified, although we’ve come across him on other occasions also. Next to Joel, we have August Julius Pahl. Clara Mildred Pahl, Joel’s mother is front row left. The lady next to her is not identified but could very well be Joel’s half sister Margaret Dardis, who still lived at the time in Stockton. Front row right with Butch on her lap is Amy Agnes Pahl. The Pahl’s had another brother George Joseph Pahl, he died of the Spanish Flu in October 1918 during military service in WWI. Thomas Lawrence Pahl, Joel’s half-brother passed away in 1940.

Joel’s mother, Clara Mildred Pahl, 1943, Stockton
Harry Lawrence Pahl, unknown man, August Julius Pahl, 1943, Stockton

Hopefully we find clues to who is who in the future. Joel would photograph the Pahl family members multiple times when their kids grow up.

There are a total of 14 negatives in this box. Four negatives are not shown, they are duplicates of a similar pose of what is shown.

Five more boxes in this series to go through.

Cheers !

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