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  • Dardis, Hands Off

    Dardis, Hands Off

    That’s written on the Eastman Film, Safety Super-XX box in pencil with a “Develop before Sept 1941” expiration date. The “safety” refers to the use of an “acetate” as a film material versus the much earlier “nitrocellulose” base. The latter being extremely flammable with spontaneous combustion being noted. Radiation or a spark could set-off an […]

  • In the beginning

    In the beginning

    While perusing the hundreds of 2 1/4″ medium frame negative sleeves and some 200+ boxes of 4″x5″ and press sized negatives, I came across an item that stood out, as there was only one. A small cardboard container with a lid at both ends. It appears the processing of whatever is in this container was […]