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  • Rejected Kodachromes, 1941

    Rejected Kodachromes, 1941

    I came across a Kodachrome box with a postage label of August 11, 1941. And we’ve seen in a few posts prior that Joel indeed had shot quite a few Kodachrome slides that year. There was the Death Valley trip and some local Stockton images. So I had high hopes there would be more of…

  • April 9, 1941

    April 9, 1941

    PGA establishes Golf Hall of Fame on this day while Dorothy Kirby wins comfortably by 16 strokes ahead of Helen Sigel at the LPGA Titleholders Championship Women’s Golf in Augusta CC. Joel’s group is at Boulder Dam, aka Hoover Dam that day. Incidentally, mid-1941 is also the time the dam stopped filling after 7 years,…