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  • Carson Mansion, JFC, circa 1957

    Carson Mansion, JFC, circa 1957

    The second sleeve out of Jessica Fong’s Collection of Dardis photography contains 4×5 B&W negatives. Thats a major departure from Joel’s use of press sized negatives (4.25″ x 3.25″, or 3×4 in short) This implies that Joel bought himself a new camera to work with. Although upgrading from 3×4 to 4×5 doesn’t seem much, it’s […]

  • Architecture, Box 93, April 1949

    Architecture, Box 93, April 1949

    As usual, few subjects crammed in this box. Today we’ll only look at the images related to architectural lines. The date on the box is April 1949. First we have two images of Segarini’s nearing construction finish. Joel photographed two angles of the building. In the second image one can see the Stockton Adult School […]