Yosemite in Infrared, JFC, 1963-1964

Another 4×5″ negatives sleeve in the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives contains Yosemite landscapes photographed on infrared film.

This is something Joel did quite regularly between 1962-1965. It does give a dramatic twist when done with a good amount of red filtering.

In the order as found, here they are:

Upper and Lower Yosemite falls across the valley floor. Selenium toned negative.

The green foliage turns almost white on infrared film. The cloud pattern is quite different than the images Joel photographed in 1961 and 1962. Hence putting these images in the 1963-1964 timeframe.

Taking in the view, Yosemite trip, circa 1963-1964
Yosemite Valley, Tunnel View, Bridal Veil Falls middle right. Half Done in the distance.
Image was red filtered so blue turns almost black. Circa 1963-1964

The above image is a the classic Tunnel View vantage point, from just above the parking lot. In both Tunnel View shots, Joel had good summer clouds to work with. The Image below was photographed with longer telephoto lens.

Yosemite Valley, Tunnel View, Bridal Veil atright, Half Done in the distance and El Capitan at left.
Image was red filtered so blue turns dark. Circa 1963-1964
Bridal Veil Falls, Merced River in foreground. Observe the almost white foliage and grass, due to the use of infrared film

It’s quite a dramatic change, looking at those granite walls in the above image from the valley floor at the Merced River, rather than from the Tunnel View. El Capitan looks less imposing and Half Dome is barely visible.

These are the nuggets for this blog post. There’s more Yosemite in the future from later trips.

Cheers !


2 responses to “Yosemite in Infrared, JFC, 1963-1964”

    • Joel’s work deserves to be shared … he’s very human with dreams, disappointments and wins left and right. Left us some good images of local and historic value.


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