Third Courthouse, JFC, 1962

I found few Stockton Courthouse negatives In a 4×5″ negative sleeve from the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives, marked with “Yosemite 1962”

The Third Courthouse construction started in 1962 and was completed in 1964. There’s a lot said and written about the demolition of the second courthouse in 1961, and the need for this courthouse, all available online, so I won’t go too deep into the subject.

The two negatives showing the early start of construction, this gives us some idea of how that looked like.

Third Courthouse construction, 1962
Third Courthouse construction,1962

The Bank of Stockton building is at left in the above image.

There are most likely many more negatives of this project, hope to find and scan these also for dissemination in a future blog post.

In the meantime, see below postcard image from 1964 when construction was completed.

Third Courthouse, E Weber and N Hunter Street, 1964, Stockton

We’ll continue this subject when we find more negatives.

There were two portraits of a child in this series also, based on a sleeve reference, this is believed to be Marie or Maria Canepa. Reproducing it here as this woman or her family may be following this blog.

Baby portrait of Maria Canepa, ca 1962
Baby Portrait of Maria Canepa, ca 1962.

That’s it for this blog post. We’ll explore two Yosemite sites next blog post when we look at what’s left in this sleeve.

Cheers !


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