Infrared Stockton & Santa Cruz, JFC, 1963

I mentioned before that Joel did some decent experimentation with infrared film in the early 1961-1963 time period. Since the previous blog post covered the 1962-1963 UOP Burns Tower construction, I’m throwing few more 4×5″ negatives in from the Jessica Fong Collection of Dardis negatives.

The writing on the sleeve says “Infrared, Stockton and Santa Cruz, 1963.”

There is also a note about red and yellow filter, but I’m not totally sure that this applies. Yes, there are differences between the infrared renderings, but yellow and red filtering makes for much more dramatic results. We’ll show that impact in detail in a future blog post with infrared nature images.

The Stockton location is again on the water around the harbor, one of Joel’s favorite hangouts to photograph.

Observe how the green foliage is rendered white by the infrared film.

Stockton Harbor in the background, location possibly Smith Canal ? Circa 1963
Stockton Harbor in the background, location possibly Smith Canal ? Circa 1963
Stockton Harbor in the background, location possibly Smith Canal ? Circa 1963

There are contrast differences between the three above images, it is possible Joel used a yellow filter in the last negative.

And yes, Joel is photographing this on his 4×5″ Graphic View Camera on a sturdy tripod. These are three different shots, observe how the clouds differ from negative to negative.

The last two images are clearly from Santa Cruz. The pier is easily recognizable. The rendering of the buildings is more dramatic, leaf foliage is almost white and the water mass turns black.

Infrared view of Santa Cruz Pier, circa 1963
Accidental double exposure, infrared view of Santa Cruz Pier and coastline, circa 1963

The last image was accidentally exposed twice. Joel seems to have pulled the darkslide almost fully out with the shutter open. Which results in the right 85% of the image being overexposed. Accidents happen. Shooting sheet film is taxing when it comes to process to follow.

During the accidental exposure, there was a lot of ocean mist blowing around which makes for a cool effect.



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