Smith Canal and RR Tracks, JFC

Continuing the scanning of the Jessica Fong Collection sleeves. This time the content of the sleeve had no date on it, just a note to print the contents at 11×14″ enlargement.

In spite of lack of a date, there’s a few things to note.

First of all, Joel is after “fine-art” images to print, sell and hang on the wall or submit to photography contests or photography magazines.

Secondly, Joel keeps documenting the local scene.

The Smith Canal, Stockton note must relate to the two images below.

Smith Canal, Stockton, Boat Ramp (Printed)
Picnic Area, American Legion Park, Stockton. (Printed)

The three other negatives fall clearly under the “fine-art” category, but equally relate to the local infrastructure documentation.

1928 Rail Road Bridge, over Smith Canal (Printed)
1928 Rail Road Bridge, over Smith Canal (Printed)

Joel made sure to double up, he must have felt the first image not to cover the full bridge as the left side is cut off, and the depth of field is not really there. There’s a better sharpness across the image in the second image.

The last image is the keeper though. Joel changes from portrait to landscape format and captures a different perspective.

1928 Rail Road Bridge, over Smith Canal (Printed)

This type of railroad bridge truss construction is common, and plenty of similar looking examples are still there. Some of them were swing bridges for boat traffic to pass.

A bit of research, turned up one more images of this bridge, which was indeed over the Smith Canal. This bridge is no longer there.

Lost pratt through truss swing bridge crosses Smith Canal on Western Pacific Railroad, from “California Drawbridges”, by Bernard C. Winn.

Google maps suggest the bridge to be located at the red spot, next or close to the current boat loading ramp. This would still make sense in light of the images shown by Joel.

Equally clear that “the need to mark structures” is a problem of all times.

It appears Ron F(xxx) was there.

Cheers !

3 responses to “Smith Canal and RR Tracks, JFC”

    • Thanks Joseph, this could add some valuable information and I’ll review. I got the current bridge info from a similar site regarding rail road bridges. I also have other rail road images that still need locations.


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