Sammy Davis Jr., Box 100, Sep 1958

Hard to believe we looked through some 100 press format negative boxes since we started this journey in March 2022. Not to count the many Kodachromes and other format negatives Joel photographed between 1938 and now.

So far, I’ve scanned 2700+ negatives and shown 2650+ of them.

September 27, 1958 is what Joel wrote on the box. Arizona State plays at COP and Sammy Davis Jr. is present to head the game and perform.

Joel was present and captured a few images from Sammy Davis Jr. and others at the game.

Sammy Davis Jr. and unknown attendee, Sept 27, 1958, COP
Sammy Davis Jr. and entourage, Sept 27, 1958, COP, Stockton
Dr. Knoles and Sammy David Jr., the latter playing with a miniature 35mm camera.
Photographer at left, plays with 35mm camera.
There’s a large press format Graflex case at his feet.
Sammy Davis Jr. between Robert and Grace Burns (Thanks Bill !)
Sammy Davis Jr. and Dr. Knoles, Sept 27, 1958, College of Pacific, Stockton
Sammy Davis Jr. and Dr. Tully Knoles, Sept 27, 1958, College of Pacific, Stockton

I pulled some images and article fragments from October 3, 1958 Pacific Weekly to further illustrate the events.

Frontpage Pacific Weekly, October 3, 1958
Sammy Davis Jr. on Friday, September 26. 1958, COP, Stockton

There are two more dates on this box. October 16, 1958 and October 18, 1958. We’ll check out what these are all about next blog post. Joel is on a roll again shooting games.

Before I forget, COP won the game with 34-16 against Arizona State.

Cheers !

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