Highschool Negatives, Sleeve 1, 1938-1939

As stated in previous blog post, I came across some transparent Hy-Klas Stockton Process Sleeves with 116 or 616 format negatives. Today we’ll look at the negatives and associated prints from the 1938-1939 timeframe.

Sleeves with 1938-30 negatives at top and 1922-1925 negatives at bottom

We remember from the first blog posts in this series that Joel had two rolls of 35mm negative film. The negative film in these sleeves however are a much larger 116 or 616 format, or 2.5″ x 4.5″ precisely.

Train overpass, I-5, Altamont in the morning, printed Nov 29, 1938

The above image is very recognizable Altamont pass. The arch is still there, although it now has 4 lanes going eastbound, rather than the 2+2 configuration in 1938. The rear of the printed image states “45 miles MPH”. Joel is in the passenger seat and the question is, who’s driving the car ? His aunt Amy Pahl ?

We have this other image printed around the same time from what I believe to be the same car. A 1939 LaSalle with Amy and Clara Pahl next to the car.

1939 LaSalle with Amy Pahl at left and Clara Pahl at right. (Photo courtesy Liz Schuler)

The next few images give us an idea of where this trip could have been to.

Santa Cruz, Afternoon, Nov 1938
Monterey, afternoon, Nov 1938

Both of the above image were part of the batch of prints dated Nov 29, 1938

Next image in Santa Cruz is one of Butch, the family Scottie. I have both the negative and the print from Joel. Date is Feb 28, 1939

Butch, Santa Cruz, Feb 28, 1939

Next chronological image was taken in Stockton, March 1939, based on the scribble on the back of the printed photograph. It is not clear what the subject is, the actual print of this negative only shows the black silhouette outline of the image below.

Stockton, March 1939

On April 15, Joel is back in Santa Cruz with this image of a bridge, the positive print was in the sleeve with the negative.

Santa Cruz, April 15, 1939

The last two coast side images come from negatives in the same sleeve.

Butch on the beach, Natural Bridges, State Beach Santa Cruz, 1939, JPD

I believe the above two arches are located in the State Beach of Santa Cruz, and only the right arch is left anno 2022. There were three arches around 1890 and the outermost one collapsed in 1905, while the left arch collapsed in or around 2006. This is based on the available online photography, and it is only a matter of time before the other arch disappears also. On a positive note, new arches are being formed as we speak.

The three natural bridges circa 1900. Photo courtesy of Frank Perry and UCSC Special Collections.
Photo copyright Mobile Ranger
Santa Cruz pier in the distance with cement ship, 1939

We know from later photography that the Pahl family prefers Santa Cruz as their leisure destination city.

Joel Pahl Dardis on mudstone formation, Santa Cruz, 1939, photographer unknown.

Joel is 17 to 18 years old in above image. It is not clear who the photographer was. Amy Pahl was an artist and definitely capable to taking images, but let’s keep in mind that Joel’s older half brother, Thomas Lawrence Dardis Jr., was also an avid and passionate photographer and probably introduced Joel to photography.

Last two images are undated, but since Butch is in them, presumably 1938-1939

Butch, unknown location, circa 1938-1939, scanned photograph, from 35mm negative
Butch, unknown location, circa 1938-1939, scanned photograph, from 35mm negative

Joel loved dogs and made them a frequent subject, It is definitely fun to see these unexpected early Joel Pahl Dardis images !

Cheers !


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