Pandora’s Box 81, 1946-1971

This box of negatives had an expiration date of 1944. Joel was still in Europe at that time, so it’s clear this box didn’t have anything relating to 1944.

There are two dates on this box though. June 22, 1963 and July 7, 1971.

How did I end up with 1946 ? This image below.

Margaret Brack Wheels (sic), December 1946

The above negative was printed out by Joel and was present in the box of negatives. Occasionally I do find one of those contact prints.

On the back it states; Dec 1946, Margaret Brack Wheels (sic). I didn’t find any references online or in the College of Pacific publications. A mystery woman.

The next image that can be dated is from a Dr. Scott’s children photography shoot in late 1949 or maybe early 1950.

Susan and Stephen Scott, Stockton, circa late 1949.

Another image from the 1946-1948 time frame is following scene of Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, California.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, California, circa 1946-1948,

Joel showed us already color slides from that same area. These were dated in 1948, and were photographed from the pier. The latter is at the left of this scene.

There’s a lone football image in this set. Not from a match, but a photographer setting up a shot with two players and the ball. Joel left us also with a few other staged sports images.

Staged Football shot, COP, circa 1946-1948 (Printed)

Few model portrait images, no references on the box, but I expect these to be post 1950.

Unidentified model, post 1950, Stockton (Printed)
Unidentified model, post 1950, Stockton (Printed)

And a photograph from the bride and bridesmaids getting ready at a wedding.

Bride, bridesmaids and flower girl getting ready, unidentified wedding.

There are few images of what appears to be abandoned buildings.

Abandoned buildings, unidentified location.
Abandoned buildings, unidentified location.

It is not clear if the water tower complex below is part of the abandoned building shoot. The water tower appears fairly new to me. The metal is still shiny.

Water Tower, unidentified location
Water Tower, unidentified location

Last shot has a good perspective and composition.

And it continues with random images, some of them post 1960. These may all be family related. At least the one with Clara Pahl is for sure taken during a family outing, possibly 1963.

Family and friends outing, unidentified location and time.
Photographing the photographer, family and friends outing, unidentified location and time.
Family and friends outing, unidentified location and time.
Unidentified location and time.
Family and friends outing, unidentified location and time.

The last image could be a studio image, Joel likes to joke from time to time and he’s no stranger at having kids make funny and scary faces.

This box of negatives was definitely out of the ordinary, subjects with no connection stacked all together, leaving us with more unresolved mysteries.

Cheers !

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