Cable Car Centennial, 1973

Continuing to dive in slides from the 1970-1974 era.

This single slide represents a visit Joel made to the celebration of 100 years of Cable Car in San Francisco.

The cable car was introduced in San Francisco on August 2nd, 1873. First test then was near the top of Nob Hill at Clay and Jones Street.

On Sept 1, 1873. the Clay Street line starts public service at the cost of some $85,000 in 1873 dollars.

It shouldn’t be a surprise the city held a major celebration to commemorate 100 years of San Francisco Cable Car service on August 2, 1973, by now almost 50 years ago.

Joel may have taken more photographs or slides or this event, but this is all I found so far, and maybe this is all that survived.

San Francisco Cable Car Centennial, August 2, 1973.

This Cable Car Centennial came with the minting of a commemorative coin. I’ve included an image below.

San Francisco Cable Car Centennial Coin, August 2, 1973

The only other San Francisco Slide in this box is below. These typical street scenes can still be found in the major tourist areas around Fisherman’s Wharf.

San Francisco, portrait and caricature artist, August 1973

Cheers !


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