Kodachrome, Sep 13, 1946

This Kodachrome box, with processing date Sep 13, 1946 has a variety of subjects, making me believe there are a few misplaced slides here.

Some of these fit with collections we’ve seen before, so here we go !

Two slides with goats.

Goats, unspecified location, unknown date.
Goats, unspecified location, unknown date.

We’ll have to keep an eye out for future farm animal life, either on a farm, or San Joaquin Fair. The Kodachrome cardboard frames date the slides to the 1941-1949 era.

Florida Sandhill crane, most likely in Florida, prior to 1944

Joel photographed a number of Florida birds when he visited the Lakeland area in 1943. I’ve not shown these yet, because of lack of critical mass, but we may find more tucked away in boxes in the future.

Boat,Stockton Harbor or Florida, 1943-1946

We’ve see this boat pop up in another box with mostly Florida images from 1943, so the jury is out if this is really a Florida boat or was this image taken closer to home on one of Joel’s walks through the Stockton Harbor ?

The rest of the slides in this box appear to be 4th of July or a San Joaquin Fair related.

Merchandise, unknown year, presumably Stockton area.
Cotton Candy, unknown year, presumably Stockton area
Balloons, Mickey Mouse, unknown year, unknown location

Some pictures of rides, mostly abstract details.

Merry go-round with airplanes, unknown location, unknown year
Ferris wheel, unknown location, unknown year
Fireworks, unknown year, unknown location

There’s insufficient information in any of the above images to pin down year and location precisely.

This is all the case with the last image shown from this box, but this does open some debate.

GayWay, unknown year, few possible locations

The oldest reference we could find to “GayWay” was in an image of a sign at the Golden Gate International Exhibition in 1939-1940 at Treasure Island. Although the character style and font is similar, I’ve not found images of the exact same sign.

OTOH, it’s sure that Joel visited and photographed in San Francisco on many occasions in his youth, so it could be on Treasure Island post 1939.

One image of the San Francisco Photographic Collection from the San Francisco Public Library below for reference. The image equally makes it clear that this was an adult entertainment area. The Gayway was actually a mile long circular boulevard with many attractions.

Unknown photographer, from a collection at the San Francisco Public Library

The second reference we were able to find, was Seattle’s World Fair in 1962, in Washington State equally related to adult entertainment.

In our case, the Kodachrome slide is clearly from the 1941-1949 timeframe, so most likely, this relates to a sign that was installed on Treasure Island for the 1939-1940 International exhibition.

Cheers !

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